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Welcome to the DEVON AIRFIELDS Website ,where you will find information on all known airfields,helipads or other flying grounds within the county of Devon from circa 1900 to date...

Airfields(as opposed to helipads and private airstrips) will all (eventually) have separate pages with more detailed information.Click the airfield name or link to go there.Please note that Latitude/Longtitude positions are generally given in conventional(degree,minute,seconds)format

BABBACOMBE:In December 1925 aerial, sequences for a film "The Hawk" were shot in the Torquay area ...location given as "White Beach " and "Seven Winds".The film involved sending a glider (piloted by a F P Raynham- possibly the same F Raynham as in the Paignton entry) off the cliff to land in the sea below. Several scenes involving the glider were shot here.

BANTHAM KINGSBRIDGE:N50.16.43/W3.5208 Helipad (Location approximate).

BARNSTAPLE:In April 1914 Lieut Gould of the Royal Flying Corps landed at Barnstaple and then gave a 'brilliant displays of airmanship'.

BARNSTAPLE:US Army Liaison strip to the East of Barnstaple used by L-4s of 58 Armd FA Bn, US Army.

BARNSTAPLE/BLAKEWELL:Farm strip 2 miles north of Barnstaple at approx N51.06.03/W4.03.54.

BARNSTAPLE/STICKLEPATH PRIOR:(approx N51.04.34/W4.04.12) 5th June 1912... Arrival of Henri Salmet in a Bleriot.

BARNSTAPLE:Brightlycott: Used August 1st 1934 for a display by the Air Devils.poster below via Mike Holder

BARNSTAPLE:North Devon District Hospital: Helipad at N51.05.28/W4.02.56.


BARNSTAPLE/HALMSTEAD MANOR HOTEL Helipad at N51.02.23/W04.00.47 400 ft amsl .

BARNSTAPLE and North Devon Aerodrome/Heanton:In 1933 Sir Alan Cobham brought his 'Great Air Display' to Heanton, the "Journal" offered 12 free flights to whoever guessed the correct height of a plane that flew over Barnstaple trailing smoke. The Barnstaple and North Devon Aerodrome opened at Heanton ( N51.05.30 W4.07.57)by Bob Boyd & T.W.J. ‘Tommy’ Nash AFC, former RFC pilot and member of Cobham’s Air Circus display team on 13 June 1934 . It was described as 'The Perfect Aerodrome.'and much later, evolved into the adjacent RAF Chivenor . The Aerodrome effectively closed spring 1940 when work began on RAF Chivenor on an adjacent site .

BEAFORD/Reeds Farm:Microlight strip(?)app.50.54.51/W4.03.12

BEAWORTHY:Possible farm strip in this area. approx N50.46.27/W04.11.08.

BELLE VUE:Private strip Grass 08/26 (620m) Operated by D. R. Easterbrook N50.58.40/W4.05.38. Full details here.

BIDEFORD/LAKE HELIPORT:Operated by Lomas Helicopters,N51.01.54/W4.15.09 270ft amsl.

BIDEFORD: Helipad at N 51.01.93/W4.14.57.

BLACK DOG/PENFORD FARM:Strip approx N50.52.26/W3.41.53.

BLAGDON:Torbay Aircraft Museum , operated by Keith Fordyce in the 1970/8s, no longer in use.Site has been built on .The picture below shows the Museum in it's heyday.

BOASLEY CROSS:see Manstage.

RAF BOLT HEAD: Operational from 1941 until 1945..
Lat/Long N50.13.24/W03.48.21.Full History here

BOLBERRY:There is a helipad at The Port Light public house about half a mile SSW of the village..

BOLBERRY:In the 1960s there was a strip to theSouth of Bolberry at (approx) N50 14.01/W003 50.00. Used by gliders(winch launches) and occasional light aircraft.

BOLT HEAD STRIP(SOAL FARM):RW 11/29 620m grass Operated by Squire Brothers, Higher Rew Farm, Marlborough, Kingsbridge.N50.13.65/W3.48.50 430Ft amsl.Full details here.

BOVEY CASTLE(LODGES):Helipad at N50.38.80/W3.47.96.

BOW: Strip?. No details yet.

BRADNINCH:US Army Liaison strip 1944 used by L-4s 955 FA Bn.Precise location not known.

BRATTON CLOVELLY: Bannadon Farm. Strip App N50.42.31/W4.10.42

BRIDESTOWE/STONE FARM:N50.40.59/W4.06.49 NE/SW grass (if this is it).

BRANSCOMBE:Strip at N50.41.53/W3.09.43.

BRAUNTON/SAUNTON SANDS HOTEL:Helipad approx N51.07.04/W4.13.11.

BRENTOR:Gliding strip.. Grass 11/29 1100m at N50.35.531 W4.09.100 ,operated by the Dartmoor Gliding Society.

BUCKLAND BREWER:A strip is known to have existed in the general area but exact location not known.(May be the site at Collingsdown-see below).

BUCKLAND TOUT-SAINTS HOTEL: Helipad at N50.18.04/w3.44.48.250ft amsl.

BURGH ISLAND:Helipad here at approx N50.16.80/W3.53.87.120ft amsl .

BYSTOCK/PLUMBER MANOR:Helipad at N50.38.39/W3.22.15.

CAPTON: Farm strip(unconfirmed) at approx N50.21.11/W3.45.31 .

CHAGFORD:G-HYST Enstrom F.280 Shark based in the locality.

CHELSON MEADOW/PLYMPTON:During the First World War a Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) base,known as RNAS Laira, was established at Chelson Meadow. It was a sub-station of the RNAS base at Mullion on the Lizard peninsula of Cornwall. The base was home to two airships, which were moored to the trees and painted in a camouflage khaki, brown and black....It is not clear when the area ceased to be used for military flights but the Chelson Meadow race-course was certainly used by civilian flyers such as Sir Alan Cobham from June 1922 - till late 1920s..N50.22.27/ W4.05.48..


CHIVENOR RAF:N51.05.16/W4.08.59.Grid Ref: SS492344.. 16ft amsl.. History here.

CHURSTON :Site of a 1933 proposal for Torquay Airport - not proceeded with. Approx location N50.23.37 /W3.32.44.

CLEARBROOK :Q site /Decoy field for Harrowbeer see

CLOVELLY/NEW INN HOTEL :Helipad at N50.59.88/W4.24.36.

CLYST ST MARY: grid ref SX993917 .Q/QF Decoy for Exeter Airfield.

CLYST HYDON (?): grid ref ST 056012 .Q Decoy for Exeter Airfield.

COLDRIDGE/WESTACOTT FARM.Strip at Approx N50.51.04/W3.52.12.

COLYTON:Some kind of aerodrome existed here in 1932 50.43.39/W3.06.17 . No details at this time .

COOMBE HOUSE HOTEL: Helipad at N50.46.44 /W3.13.05 (O/S 192-143978).

COOMBE MARTIN:Site of a demo flight by Capt Cecil Clayton of Mansfield in his 30 hp Beirut machine..he failed to become fully airborne after several attempts(23 Aug 1911).

DARTMOUTH/NORTON:Royal Navy heliport disused.50.20.50/03.36.01.

Photo below shows a Dragonfly at the BRNC in 1961
DAWLISH , Nr LANGDON HOSPITAL: 13th Jan 1943 B-17F 41-24606/VK-H of 303BG3/58BS "Werewolf"Pilot Lt George J Oxrider,,flak damage... force landed near the Hospital..the aircraft was stripped and later flown out(27th Jan?) after a tempoary runway was cleared .Pictures here.

DENBURY:N50.30.41/W3.39.07.Opened April 26th1935 as Torquay Airport.It was a stopover point where many aircraft refuelled to continue their journey. Sir Alan Cobham of flying circus fame attended here in 1935 and demonstrated one of the first gliders.Operated by Provincial Airways then abandoned .Today the location of the former aerodrome is occupied by HM Prison. Full history here.

DERRIFORD/PLYMOUTH:Hospital Helipad app N50.24.58 W4.07.11.

DRUMBRIDGES :Proposed aerodrome 1935 ,not proceeded with.

DOWLAND Microlight strip approx N50.52.59/W4.02.01. 450' amsl, Runway -Grass 09/27 461 metres.Operated by W G Gunn.

DUNCHIDEOK/LORD HALDON HOTEL: Helipad N50.40.23/W3.34.85 395ft AMSL.

DUNKESWELL N50.51.47/W3.14.04...850ft amsl...35/17,23/05, Dis.(Runways: 05/23 963m, 17/35 641m, asphalt.)Operated by Air Westward Co. Ltd.Full history soon.Details for Visitors here.

DUNSFORD.:Unconfirmed strip? approx N50.41.22/W3.41.01 .

EAGLESCOTT/EGHU :Operated by Devon Airsports Ltd N50.55.40/W3.5908 RW 08/26 600m grass. 655ft amsl.

EAST BUDLEIGH:In his ‘Antiquities of Exeter’ of 1681, Richard Izacke, town clerk and local chronicler, records in the flowery language of the day, that in 1402 "In the Parish Churchyard of Budley (East Budleigh) in the County of Devon; A stone sheweth this Inscription, orate pro anima Radolphi Node. This (as tradition delivers) was the Sepulture of one that presumed to fly with artificial Wings from that Tower, and so falling, broke his Neck, which Phaetonical fact of his hath well deserved the name of Node, be the Inscription what it is, who being a Native of this City, gives me here an occasion to mention him".

EAST PUTFORD/ COLLINGSDOWN/ MOUNT FARM : Believed no longer in use since the owner/pilot died. approx N50.55.45/W4.18.10.

EDDYSTONE LIGHTHOUSE: Helipad N50.10.80/W4.15.90'.

EGGESFORD: Very active Strip 4nm E of Winkleigh (disused AD) N50.52.13 W3.52.13 516ft amsl,11/29 grass 630m. More details here.

EXETER CASTLE YARD:Sustained flight became a reality with the advent of the hot-air balloon. The first ascent in Devon occurred in mid-June 1786 when M. St Croix ascended from Exeter’s Castle Yard. The Exeter Flying Post recounts, "the reverie was short-lived, for having attained a height of around 15,000 feet, a combination of the sun’s heat and the rarefied atmosphere caused a large tear in the envelope, bringing the craft to swiftly descend to earth."

M.Salmet at Exeter June 1st 1912.

EXETER/MORCHARD BISHOP. Col. the Master of Semphill used a field here in May 1926 while on a circular trip round Wales and the west Country in a "Moth"

EXETER AIRPORT/EGTE(orig GDDA) N50.44.14/W3.24.55 .Runways Concrete:08/26, 02/20,13/31 Grid Ref: SY002938: 105ft AMSL
Originally a grasss airfield opened 31 May 1937.. Opened as Exeter Airfield - 30 July 1938 .USAAF Station No.463 See Exeter Memories Site

EXETER/EXETER BYPASS AIRFIELD:Bertram Arden's two airfields in the Exeter area at Hele School and later at Topsham.Full details here..

EXETER/MARSH BARTON:Aerodrome listed here at N50.42.30/W03.32.00 in 1920.20ft AMSL.

EXETER/PINHOE:Aerodrome listed here in 1920 at N50.44.30/W03.28.30.. 300 ft AMSL..

EXETER Area:- RR232/G-BRSF Spitfire IX and RX168/G-BWEM Seafire III are under restoration at Newton St. Cyres.

EXETER/COMFORT INNHelipad at N50.39.78/W3.32.29 220 ft AMSL.

EXETER COURT HOTEL Helipad at N50.39.09/W3.32.07 20ft amsl.

EXETER RACECOURSE Helipad at N50.38.30/W3.33.43 220 Meters amsl(?)


EXETER/MONKERTON/Gipsy Hill Hotel::Helipad at N50.43.82/W3.28.09 197ft amsl.

EXETER GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB: Helipad at N50.41.87 W3.29.22.

EXMOUTH:1908. An enterprising young man named Hayne, constructed a flying machine in his front room at Exmouth. Powered by a 3 hp motorcycle engine and towed behind a car, it is alleged that the craft actually flew for a few yards.

FARWAY COMMON:(Strips) N50.44,13/W3.1056 771 ft amsl. RWs 10/28 550m , 18/36 550m Helipad at N50.44.28/W3.10.83.Full details here

FOLLY GATE/RAF OKEHAMPTONN50:45:20 W4:01:15 Grass RAF ..Full history here.

FOLLY GATE: Private strip nr here at Rockbeare Farm(Savannah G-CCXP microlight based) 2008.

GIDLEIGH PARK HOTEL/Nr CHAGFORD: Helipad N50.40.56/W3.52.36 200M amsl.

GITTISHAM COOMBE HOUSE HOTEL: Helipad at N50.46.44/W3.13.05 200ft amsl.

GORREL FARM STRIP/ASHMANWORTHY: N50.56.7/W4.23.2.:520ftamsl:Runway- Grass 18/36 420metres.Operated by Frank & Doreen Cox.Also Helipad at N50.56.78/W4.23.27.

GREAT TORRINGTON : US Army strip 1944 - used by L4s of 200FA Bn.

HALDON/TEIGNMOUTH:N50.34.38/W03.31.54 :Aerodrome from 1928 until WW2 the used by RAF and RN.Attempts to reopen after WW2 failed and site reverted to moorland .Full history here..

HARROWBEER RAF:Lat/Long: 50:29:30N 04:05:45W...Grid Ref - SX513680...650ft AMSL
Opened - 1941:No 10 Group (1944):Closed - 1950 Full history here at the :RAF Harrowbeer Interest Group site.

HALWELL: Strip N50.21.56/W3.4237 27/09 grass operated by South Hams FC..

HALWELL:Farm strip. 700 metres N of main airfield. Known as 'Bow'?See Halwell(app N50.22.00/W03.42.40.

HALWELL: Helipad at N50.21.92/W03.42.45.

HAYTOR- :Farm ?- known short microlight strip in the vicinity..(Apparently near to Ilsington - info from Richard Ward).

HENSCOTT FARM/BRADFORD:N50.51.35/W4.15.33 .425ft amsl .Runway Grass 09/27 400metres.Operated by Mr J Trible. Micro strip(N of Brandis Corner).

HIGHER ASHTON.: No longer used- Hangars and runway still present 2004.Approx N50.39.01/W3.37.13.

HOLNE/MIDDLE STOKE FARM.: Possible microlight strip at this location.. approx N50.31.26/W3.50.46.

HOLSWORTHY/ BRADFORD/HENSCOTT FARM.: Strip closed Oct 2004(?) after farmer retired. N50.51.26/W4.14.49 Grass e/w .

HONITON: Aerodrome reported ( when - between Wars?)Possibly informal flying from a field near the river.(Info via John Havers)

HONITON/DEER PARK HOTEL: Helipad N50.47.60 W313.99 250ft amsl.

HOPE COVE: RAF Ground Control Interceptor Station, (GCI) was established at RAF Bolt Head in 1941 to direct fighter operations in this sector of the English Channel

HUNSDON LEA: There is a strip 1 mile SW from Ivybridge at N50.22.42.18/W03.56.37.04.It is the home Zenair 701 G-CBGD.

HUNTSHAW/ KNOCKWORTHY. :Believed to be a Gyro strip at this location. Owner also uses nearby Belle Vue airfield sometimes. Approx N50.59.04/W4.07.06 .

ILFRACOMBE: :In 1934 there was an Automobile Association registered landing ground at N51.10.05/W4.04.60, located on Cemetery Lane just south of Harrecott Cottages. The landing ground was controlled by Mr J. Chugg of West Stowford Farm, West Down, Ilfracombe . The Sir Alan Cobham National Aviation Day display visited on Aug 23 1932..

ILFRACOMBE:Unconformed strip at N51.09.55/W4.05.16.

ILFRACOMBE/ BERRY DOWN: A strip is here but exact location not known.approx N51.10.29/W4.02.52 .

ILFRACOMBE/ LEE: Believed home base of a microlight owner. .

IVYBRIDGE/DAVIDS CROSS : US Army strip 1944.58 FA Bn L-4s- situated between the whatv are now the A38 and the B3123(very approx N50.23/ W03.54

JACOBSTOWE:Based in the area- G-VMCO Agusta A.109E..

KENNFORD: In the immediate prewar months of 1939 Pou-de-Ciel G-AERA was flown from a field in this area by the owners G Taylor and B Slade.They continued flying after the start of WW2 in spite of the civil flying ban...

KENNFORD/HUNTER'S LODGE: G-LUKI Robinson R.44 Based here..

KINGSBRIDGE. :A strip believed to have existed in this area. approx N50.17.13/W3.46.37.

KINGSTEIGHNTON/ SANDYGATE- : Farm. Believed airstrip very close to Sandy Copse approx N50.33.42/W3.35.45.

LAIRA : see Chelson Meadow..N50.22.48/W4.05.33.

LONGDOWN:- G-VICE Hughes 500...based in this area

LIFTON/ARUNDEL ARMS HOTEL :Helipad at N50.38.55/W4.17.24.

LUNDY:Strip 51.1020/04.4023 400ft amsl 06/24 400m Operated by The Lundy Island Company..History here.....Full details here.

LUSTLEIGH: Helipad at N50.36.78/ W3.42.80.

MANSTAGE: Strip( R & I Hulls) approx N50.43.51/W4.07.21 Runway: 12/30 420 x 30m, grass, total 850m .800ft amsl.

MARLDON/WIDDICOMBE FARM:A field here use for Joyrides by the Cornwall Aviation Co., 29 June- 13 July 1925.

MARLDON/MARLDON TOR: TWO strips here at least, either side of Tor: North and South.(maybe another short strip locally just south-west.)appro N50.27.18/W3.35.47.

MIDDLEMOOR:Helipad.Devon & Cornwall Constabulary HQ N50.43.25/W3.28.57.

MONKOKEHAMPTON/OAKHAYES(BUDE FARM?). :Was intended to be a strip, but an accident at Belle Vue may have prevented the opening of this strip .

MONKTON/OAKLANDS FARM: Strip app N50.49.26/W3.09.15 .

MOREBATH/ ASHTOWN FARM: Strip app N51.00.49/W3.29.54.


MOUNT BATTEN:N50.21.31/W4.07.37 A seaplane base was established on September 2nd 1913 at Cattewater and several trial flights were made from it.

A Royal Naval Air Station was commissioned here in February 1917 and two hangars were erected close to the breakwater upon which a railway track was laid to enable a steam crane to move about lifting seaplanes into the water. There were also hangers for kite balloons at Wilcove, near Torpoint, Both the airship base RNAS Laira at Chelston Meadow and RNAS Cattewater came under the control of a large RNAS establishment at Tregantle, in Cornwall, commanded by Major-General J de M Hutchison.
On April 1st 1918 the Royal Naval Air Service merged with the Royal Flying Corps to become the Royal Air Force and RAF Cattewater came into existence. Full history soon.

NEWTON ABBOTT RACECOURSE:USArmy liaison strip 1944 - the aircraft apparently using the "home straight" section of the course.

NEWTON ABBOTT RACECOURSE : Helipad N50.32.34/W3.35.69

NEWTON ABBOTT/PASSAGE HOUSE HOTEL : Helipad at N50.32.05/W3.34.07 5 ft amsl

NEWTON FERRERS: Strip at N50.19.09/W04.02.40,grass RW NE/SW approx 400 metres

NEWTON ST CYRES: RR232/G-BRSF Spitfire IX and RX168/G-BWEM Seafire III are under restoration

NEWTON POPPLEFORD: Decoy airfield in this lacality WW2.approx N50:41:53 W3:17:49

NORTHAM BURROWS/BIDEFORD: - Airfield pre 1930s at app N51:03:15 W4:13:10

NORTHAM BURROWS/RAF WESTWARD HO! A small circular airfield opened in June 1918 on Northam Burrows, near the Golf Club covering an area of 90 acres. The Aircraft used were DH6's and DH9's and were used as special duty flights to combat the growing u-boat menace. Aircraft kept in Bessoneaux hangers, the airmen accommodated in huts, with a large wooden shed serving as a mess and guard room. .

No 260 Squadron was formed in August 1918 at Westward Ho in Devon from Nos.502, 503 Flights as a coastal reconnaissance unit and flew anti-submarine patrols with D.H.6s until the Armistice. On 22 February 1919, it was disbanded.,

Sir Alan Cobham lands an aeroplane (1929)at the old airfield on Northam Burrows to show that Bideford could have its own airport.
In 1933 according to Flight the town of Northam (SE of Westward Ho!)had a site inspected with a view to having an aerodrome.

RAF NORTHAM- The RAF station at Northam came into operation in 1941 and was a Chain Home station,able to detect incoming high-level aircraft at long ranges. The RAF station ceased to operate in 1944.

NORTH HILL : The Devon & Somerset Gliding Club N50.51.06/W3.16.70 921ft amsl

NORTHWAY FOXDOWN MANOR HOTEL : Helipad at N50.58.60.W4.18.39

OKEHAMPTON/LEW TRENCHARD HOTEL : Helipad at N50.39.21/W4.10.90

RAF OKEHAMPTON : See Folly Gate airfield WW2

OKEHAMPTON CAMP : WW2 Liaison a/c ( eg Cub) - used triangular field at N50.43.19/W3.59.58

OKEHAMPTON CAMP : Helipads at N50.43.15/W4.00.00 .Original airstrip at approx N50.42.55/W3.59.05

ORESTON(PLYMOUTH) : - XR595 "M" / G-BWHU Scout AH.1 lives here

OTTERTON POINT: A field at South farm,Budleigh Salterton (N50.38.248/W3.18.246) was used as an aerodrome between the wars -used for Flying circuses and pleasure flights . Possibly the area to the north of the farm buildings.It was known locally as the "Flying Field" .This info from Frank Farr of East Budleigh(via Howard Jones).Frank went for flight from the aerodrome.Also Frank stated that the location was used for decoy airfield during WW2.

OTTERTON/HOME DOWN: There was an Emergency landing ground at Home Down used by aircraft for emergency landings when using the nearby air to surface (experimental) range at Brandy Head.It may be that this is the same location as thatrefered to above.Comments welcome.

OTTERY ST. MARY. : Posible strip located on disused railway bed adjacent to River Otter on N side of the town. Where?

OTTERY ST MARY /SALSTON HOTEL: Helipad at N 50.44.49/W33.17.22 200ft amsl

PAIGNTON BEACH :At Easter 1914 frenchman Henri Salmet arrived in his waterplane .The postcard below shows him setting off on a flight.(Thanks to Clare Dodge for the picture.

:First used as an aerodrome for visiting demo flights during 1911-1914....Paris Singer of the Singer sewing machine empire(lower left picture) built an aeroplane hangar on the site. The upper two pictures below show the Avro Biplane at Paignton at Easter 1914 . On April 11th, Freddy Raynham flew the aircraft from Paignton Green. On the Easter Monday the aircraft , fitted with floats, flew from the bay and later gave pleasure flights at 10 shillings per person.

After the Great War this hangar stored three seaplanes which took visitors on trips around the Bay, after the First World War. The cost of these fun trips was for 25 shillings. The planes were brought down the slipway near the site of the present café on Preston Green, and taxied along to Paignton Pier, where passengers climbed aboard for their short flights.

The beach lawns were used as an airfield.......Starting in May 1919 from the Sands, and using Mr Singer's hangar to house the plane, Captain R. L. Truelove and Captain Rainham(sic) , late of the RAF, offered flights around the Bay in their Avro sea-planes.(lower right picture ).... The cost was £1.5s and there were just two passengers carried on each flight.Flight records that in the first week of September over 170 passengers were carried.

The hangar remained for some years (possibly until the late 20s?) and was, for a time, leased to an air mapping firm. .

Anson K6182 forcelanded on the Green 4th Jan 1940
Designated as Strip Y670 the seafront was used in 1944 by US Army L4s(65 Armrd FA BN) and also by the 153 LS (L-4s and L-5s).

Photo above shows Sir Alan and Lady Cobham arriving at Plymouth on 31st May 1928.

: Sept 1911 M. Blondeau and Mrs Hilda Hewlett, the first British woman to receive an Aviator’s Certificate, at Plymouth early in September 1911..

PLYMOUTH: Nov 1825 Ballon Flight Mrs Graham, self-styled as ‘Her Majesty’s Aeronaute’ made a brief flight over the Sound in her lavishly decorated 3,000 cu.ft balloon. This ended unceremoniously, coming down in the sea between Stoke Head and Yealm Point after just 14 minutes in the air,.

PLYMOUTH:Waterfront strip in 1923...a Croydon link was tried from a small strip by the waterfront to carry mail that had arrived by ships from the Atlantic.According to Flight magazine this took place on April 27th 1923 with aircraft operated by Instone Airlines from Chelson Meadow.

PLYMOUTH/SALTRAM RACECOURSE:Used by Airships and later(post WW! ) for Joyriding by Berks Aviation using Avro 504 G-EAKX .

PLYMOUTH/ROBOROUGH/EGHD:50.2524/04.0634 see wiki First use in 1925.Full history soon.Due to declining traffic , closure at the end of 2011 looks likely. Arrival details for pilots.

PLYMOUTH: Hovercam Ltd private pad at N50.20.84/W4.06.68 350ft amsl.

PLYMOUTH ROYAL CITADEL Helipad at N50.21.52/W4.08.14.

PLYMOUTH DOCKYARD: Helipad at N50.23.34/W4.11.38.

PLYMPTON BORINGDON HALL HOTEL Helipad at N50.23.98/W4.03.27 95 mtrs amsl.

PRAWLE POINT Royal Naval Air Station in 1918:N50.13.08/W3.42.59. Under command of RNAS Cattewater. used by the DH 9s and DH 6s of No 254 Sqn from 25 July 1918,disbanded 22 Feb 1919.

RATTERY/ ASHBOURNE FARM:. Bbelieved to be a Gyro strip at this location. approx N50.26.24/W3.46.07

RACKENFORD:G-ROTR Brantley B.2 based here.

SALCOMBE/GAR ROCK HOTEL :Helipad at N 50.13.18/W3.47.25

SHEEPWASH: Strip at N50.50.3/W4.0.93 300ft amsl,Runway grass 17/35 800metres.opertaed by R Appleton.Helipad at N50.50.18 W4.09.43

SHILLINGFORD/BREMRIDGE FARM:believed to be a microlight strip at this location. app N51.00.07/W3.26.53

SIDBURY/ HARCOMBE/ SALCOMBE REGIS. Fire and Smoke Farm: Believed is /was a strip here in recent years. very approx...N50.41.23/W3.12.42

SIDFORD/BlueBall Public House:Helipad used by Pipeline Survey helicopters at approx N 50.42.06/W3.13.12

SIDMOUTH/NORMAN LOCKYER OBSERVATORY. In the 1920s there was a small private airfield in the Observatory grounds , operated by James Lockyer and Sir Francis McClean(who owned Sopwith Gnu G-EAGP between Jun1923 & Nov1924) .There were two grass runways.Approx location N50.41.16/W03.13.07.(Info via Noel Collier & John Havers).

SLAPTON SANDS:USArmy/9th AF had a liason strip (Strip Y821) here during the D-Day runup (Exercise Tiger etc.)- Use by liason a/c and the P47s of 36 FG- strip was on or near beach.

SOUTH MOLTON/ (BRAYFORD?) Whitefield Farm: Strip believed located at Whitefield near Brayford approx N51.05.41/W3.52.45

SOUTH MOLTON/WHITECHAPEL MANOR:Private helipad at N51.01.89/W3.47.49

SOUTH MOLTON:Planned demonstration at South Molton’s 1911 Agricultural Show by Capt Cecil Clayton of Mansfield in his 30 hp Beirut machine, but in the event they were to be disappointed. Though reportedly a veteran aviator with over 1,000 balloon ascents and 400 parachute drops to his name, on this occasion Clayton was hampered by strong winds and technical problems. Eventually taking off at 7.10 pm, his machine had only covered about 400 yards at a height of 100 feet, when the newly fitted engine began misbehaving, causing Clayton to quickly alight in an adjacent field, where it ran into a fence and sustained damage to one wing.

SPREYTON/COOMBE FARM.:Strip N50.45.57/W3.51.10.

STADDON HEIGHTS(Plymouth): G-BEYA Enstrom F.280C Shark..based in area

STAVERTON/ MOUNT BARTON FARM.: Was a microlight strip here . Flying known to have happened late 90's at least. No longer in use.N50.27.59/W3.41.15.

STOCKLAND/PROFITS DOWN FARM: Strip approx N50.50.05/W3.04.25.

STOKE CANNON :Aerodrome(60 Acres) op in 1928 by Maudes Motors of Exeter (used DH60X G-EBVC).The 1928 picture below (received via John Havers)shows 'VC at the aerodrome.
Probable location was on the Exeter side of Stoke Canon. Travelling towards Tiverton from Exeter, you enter the village from the long and rather narrow bridge across a marshy area and the River Exe. On the left of the A396 is a lane, immediately on the end of the bridge (now Chestnut Crescent) where, some 35 to 40 years ago, a housing estate was built between the main road and the railway line. Very near to the bridge and the housing estate were garage premises, burnt down some years ago after being derelict..

STOODLEIGH BARTON: Micro Strip app N50.57.22/W3.32.33. 830ft amsl.Runway grass. E/W.Operated by W Knowles.

SUTCOMBE/ VIRWORTHY FARM: Possible microlight strip located here. app N50.52.45/W4.21.14.

TAVISTOCK:USArmy Liason Strip 1944.On road between Tavistock & Horrabridge . L4s of 29 Inf Div + visitors to 115 Station Hospital at Plaistor Down

TAW MILL:Strip(F Baulch)N50 46.26/ W3 54.03 400 ft amsl Grass 17/35, 500 x10m


TEIGNMOUTH/SEAPLANE BASE:A US Navy plan to dam the harbour and set up a seaplane base was abandoned as the war proceeded favourably for the allies.

THORVERTON/ GLEBE FIELDS: USArmy Liason Strip 1944.L4s 953 FA Bn.

THORVERTON/LITTLESTONE FARM: strip believed to have been here in the 90's. approx N50.48.23/W3.31.48

THURLESTON/Knighthayes Court : Helipad at N50.15.44/W3.51.37

TIVERTON :USArmy Liason Strip 1944 - Artillery HQ 4th Inf Div & 79 Inf Div

TORQUAY DADDYHOLE PLAIN:Helipad atN50.27.21.W03.30.53 .According to Torbay council employee this is now the official Torquay helipad.

TORQUAY : Strip? N50.23.38/W3.33.07

TORQUAY :Proposed airport cica 1935 at Drumbridges - not proceeded with.

TORQUAY/Denbury : Airport at N50.30.41/W.39.07.Opened April 10 1935 but closed in September of the same year.Full History here.

TORQUAY HOSPITAL:Helipad atN50.28.49...W03.33.25.


TORQUAY Livermead HOTEL: Helipad (2019)

TORQUAY TORRE ABBEY MEADOWS :Claude Grahame-White in July 1910 made two flights in his Farman III from Torre Abbey at up to 1,000 feet over the assembled armada of warships drawn up in the bay.The occasion was the Coronation review of the Fleet by King George V and Queen Mary at Torbay

TORQUAY TORRE MEADOWS: US Army strip 1944- L4s of 58 Armrd FA Bn.

TORQUAY TORRE MEADOWS: 2008 used for tethered Balloon flights.

TORQUAY/BEACON QUAY.:WW1 Flying boats.Site relinquished by the RAF in August 1919.More here.

TORQUAY/HALDON PIER: WW2 Flying Boats.More Here

TORQUAY /WIDECOMBE FARM, MARLDON: Site of a a private service organised by the Torbay Herald, between Newquay and Torquay, on July 15 1925, when a bag of about 50 letters was carried by Flying Officer P. Phillips, D.F.C., with the sanction of the Air Ministry. Leaving Newquay at 11 o'clock, the mails were dropped at Widecombe Farm, Marldon, Torquay, an hour later, for onward delivery to Torquay Post Office. Two special cachets were applied to the mail, one in violet reading " By Aeroplane First Trip, July 15, 1925," and the other in black, inscribed " By first Air Mail Newquay to Torquay, July 15, 1925". Six of the letters were autographed by F/O Phillips.

TREBOROUGH : Strip N51.06.52 /W3.24.61 1200ft amsl Operated by Mark Weatherlake 07/25 grass 800m

UGBOROUGH/ MARRIDGE FARM.: Private strip here in 2012

UPOTTERY/SMEATHARPE:RAF N50.53.12/W3.08.50... Opened 17/2.44.ID : UO..... USAAF Station 462.Full history here.
Airfield site sold 17th May 2006

UPOTTERY/ SMEATHARPE/GOTLEIGH FARM.: Occasional strip believed located here on edge of old wartime airfield. Recent developments may mean the strip no longer exists.. app N50.53.46/W3.09.42

WADDON BRAKE(HALDON).: A strip was in use here in the 1960s - operated by Harry Paine. 50 37' 13.72"N, 3 33' 26.21"W. Owned by the Arden Family .

WALKHAMPTON: US army strip 1944,L4s of (probably) 29 Inf Div

WATCHFORD FARM :Strips.N50.54.13/W3.05.87 840ft amsl Grass 05/23 400m, 07/25 400m (400m t/o 07, 350m landing 25), 13/31 400m Operated by Brian Anning .Full details here.

WEST BUCKLAND. Millers Farm.: Strip app N51.04.01/W3.55.15

WESTWARD HO! :See Northam Burrows

WESTOVER FARM/ SHEEPWASH:Strip at N50.50.3o W4.09.30 300 ft amsl.Grass 17 / 35 700 metres by 35 metres

WHIMPLE /CROSSTOWN FARM. :Strip at app N50.46.41/W3.21.21

WHIMPLE /NORThCOTT FARM. :May only be a helicopter based here and no strip. approx N50.46.41/W3.21.21

WHIPTON ARENA PARK(EXETER): Landing field used 1911 for the Circuit of Britain Air Race,20 acre field.

WILLSWORTHY CAMP(OKEHAMPTON) :Believed Helicopter- access....pad?

WINKLEIGH :RAF..N50.52.09/W3.57.43.Code: WK :: USAAF Station- 460 : Full History and pictures here.

WINKLEIGH/GRAYS BRIDGE FARM: believed microlight strip here. approx N50.51.12/W3.55.22

WOODBURY: SY048882 QF Decoy for Exeter

WRAFTON GATE: Civil side of Chivenor during the 50s- see Barnstaple Aerodrome Heanton.

YEALMPTON/TREBY FARM: Strip at N50.21.44/W3.59.26 no longer in use.

YELVERTON/ BERE ALSTON. Ezenridge Farm:Strip app N50.28.40/W4.10.44

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