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Lat/LongN50.13.24/W03.48.21....Situated on Bolt Head

RUNWAYS: approx 10/28(2700ft later 4200ft) and aprox 03/21 (2700ft later 3600ft) Sommerfield Track laid on coconut matting.

RAF Bolt Head, a 1943 overhead view.
The airfield site today showing the present strip with the car park where the memorial is sited just south of the western end of the runway.

RAF Bolt head was built in 1941 as a satellite for RAF EXETER.Initially facilities were minimal with personel living under canvas but as the war progressed facilities were improved with huts and hangars being built.
The Ground Control Interceptor Station, (GCI) RAF HOPE COVE was established close by in 1941 to direct fighter operations in this sector of the English Channel.
The airfield closed in 1945. today there is a memorial at the point where the runways intersected , and a private airstrip also on the site

Photos below show the Memorial, the GCI building at Hope Cove (with the resident Cessna F182, and a slightly worse-for-wear French FK14 Polaris), and the present runway - looking east.

Units based at RAF Bolt Head
Arrived Unit Departed Aircraft type
May 41 16 Sqdn. (Det) circa May 41 Lysander Arrived for Chemical warfare training
Jun 42 421 Sqdn. (Det) circa Jul 42 Spitfire VB
Jul 42 310 Sqdn. (Det) circa Jun 43 Spitfire VB / VC
Sep 42 257 Sqdn. (Det) Jan 43 ? Typhoon IA / IB
Feb 43 10 Grp Comms Flt (Det) Oct 43 unknown
Mar 43 263 Sqdn. (Det) Jun 43 ? Whirlwind 1
26-6-43 610 Sqdn. 19-12-43 Spitfire VB / VC
7-3-44 263 Sqdn. 12-3-44 Typhoon IB
18-3-44 234 Sqdn. 29-4-44 Spitfire VB
29-4-44 41 Sqdn. 16-5-44 Spitfire XII
May 44 276 Sqdn. (Det) Sep 44 Sea Otter, Walrus, Anson,Spitfire VB Air Sea Rescue Duties
16-5-44 610 Sqdn. 24-5-44 Spitfire XIV
24-5-44 41 Sqdn. 19-6-44 Spitfire XII
June 44 652 Sqdn /B Flt. 8-6-44 Auster IV 4 aircraft destined for Normandy
19-6-44 263 Sqdn. 10-7-44 Typhoon IB
17-7-44 611 Sqdn. 30-8-44 Spitfire LF.VB later IX Re-equipped in July 44
7-8-44 275 Sqdn. 22-10-44 Anson,Walrus,Spitfire VC Air Sea Rescue.
Oct 44 275 Sqdn. (Det) Feb 45 Anson,Walrus, Spitfire VC Air Sea Rescue

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