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Lat/Long N50.30.41/W3.39.07, 1.5 Miles SW of Newton Abbott

RUNWAYS: Grass E/W 2250ft,N/S 1200ft.

The airfield site today.

Denbury opened officially on April 6th 1935 on land rented from Mr J.Short, although flights by Provincial Airways had actually started on March 1st...with services to Croydon and Southampton .
The opening was performed by the Mayor of Torquay, Mr. A. d'Espiney and the Mayoress of Torquay, while Harry Kent(Managing Director) and Air-Cdre Peregrine Fellowes(director) represented the airline.
The opening was marked by demonstrations of aerobatics and crazy flying and attracted approximately 20 visiting aircraft.
The airfield was busy throughout the summer of 1935 and included a visit by Alan Cobham’s National Aviation Display .Plans by Railway Air Services to commence a service between the Midlands, Cardiff, Torquay (Denbury), and Plymouth on May 27th , were announced - however it is unclear whether the service ever actually started.
However in September 1935 Provincial closed it's services at Denbury and the field was abandoned.The site reverted to farmland.
In 1939 a military camp( Rawlinson Barracks)was built on the site .The camp remained in use until 1969.In 1973 the site was cleared and HM Prison Channings Wood was built there.

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