Folly Gate
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Lat/Long N50.45.20/W04.01.15....Situated 1.5 miles N of Okehampton

RUNWAYS: Grass .

The airfield site in 2006.

The Airfield at opened 1928 with no facilities. It was used annually by Army Co-operation Squadrons with aircraft supporting the artillery practice camps on Dartmoor- usually May to September - until 1939.
THe National Aviaton Day Display (Sir Alan Cobham ) visited on Aug 21 1932 Used for summer camps by Army Co-operation Sqdns up to 1939 (Bristol Fighter, Atlas, Audax, Lysander) e.g 13 & 16 Sqdns .
The use by Army Co-op squadrons continued until 1942. In March of that year 73 MU was formed and the airfield became a Forward Holding Unit(active Dec 15 1942)- included an off-airfield storage site.
The US Army briefly used the field during the D-Day preparations.
The airfield closed on 24th July 1945 and the site transferred to 7 & 225 MU. However there was occasional use of the field by AOP Austers until the early 50s.The site was eventually cleared and returned to agriculture.

Today there is little sign of the airfield. There is a private strip somewhere close by with a microlight aircraft based.(2008)

Arrived Unit Departed Aircraft type
1928 -1939(May -Sept 16 & 13 Sqdn. (Det) Audax, Lysander,Atlas , Bristol Fighter. Artillery Range support
Summer 1940 225 Sqdn. (Det) . Lysander II
3 Aug 1940 16 Sqdn. 15 Aug 1940 Lysander 1/II
4 June 1941 16 Sqdn. 6 June 1941 Lysander III/IIIA
9 Sept 1941 16 Sqdn. 11 Sept 1941 Lysander III/IIIA Occasional other Detatchments till Spring 1942.
November 1940 225 Sqdn. Lysander 1 Artillery Observation training
1944 227Field Artillery Battalion./29FDiv/USARMY. Piper L-4 Cub D-Day preparations

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