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Beacon Quay/Haldon Pier Lat/Long N50.27.30/W03.31.30


Torquay Seaplane Station in 1918.3 Short 184 aircraft are visible in the picture
The same area in 2006...the WW2 Sunderland operations used the Haldon Pier - at the foot of the image.Also visible are the D-Day loading ramps constructed in 1944.
Above: Two photos of a RAF Supermarine Southampton Flying boat at anchor off the Torre meadows, Torquay...probably circa 1930s

During the summer of 1918 the Royal Naval Air Service operated a fleet of Short 184 seaplanes from a base at Beacon Quay shown in the upper picture.The station operated under the command of RNAS Cattewater (Plymouth). With the amalgamation of the RFC and RNAS the unit became 239 Squadron RAF.

In World War 2 Sunderlands operated from a pontoon moored at Haldon Pier - this is the pier immediately to the south of the Beacon Quay area.

Arrived Unit Departed Aircraft type
1918 239Sq - Short 184 Derived from earlier RNAS unit

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